Elemental Energy Named Solarize Approved Contractor: What It Means for Portland Homeowners

Elemental Energy Named Solarize Approved Contractor: What It Means for Portland Homeowners

Making the switch to solar power is more than just jumping on the latest eco-friendly trend - it's making a conscious investment towards a sustainable future by reducing your energy bills and environmental impact. 

But as with any home improvement project, everything starts with finding the right partner. 

Elemental Energy was recently named an exclusive Solarize Approved Contractor after a rigorous evaluation process. This designation has exciting implications for some Portland-area households looking to go solar.

"We are extremely proud to be selected as a Solarize Approved Contractor after a thorough process," said Kelli Wolford, General Manager at Elemental Energy. "As a local company, we're committed to helping as many Portland households discover the benefits of solar power."

Let's break down what being approved as a Solarize solar installer means and how Elemental Energy can help local homeowners like you make the transition to clean, renewable energy:

What is Solarize?

Solarize is a community-led program that brings select neighborhoods together to streamline solar installations. Through group purchasing and grassroots outreach, Solarize campaigns make going solar more accessible and affordable.  

By tapping into volume discounts and leveraging volunteer efforts, homeowners can save significantly on equipment and installation costs. Solarize also provides guidance and pre-vetted contractors like Elemental Energy to simplify the process.

Hillsboro & North Portland Solarize Campaign

Elemental Energy is leading new Solarize efforts in Hillsboro (97123) and North Portland (97217) through February 2024.  

Homeowners within these areas can tap into enhanced incentives for solar and battery storage systems installed in the coming months. Reach out now to find out if you qualify!

Why Partner with Elemental Energy for Solarize?

Homeowners within the exclusive Solarize campaign areas in Hillsboro and North Portland can enjoy special perks by working with a qualified contractor like Elemental Energy:

Expert Consultations

Our solar consultants will determine if your property qualifies and help tailor the optimal system to offset energy usage.

Special Incentives

We've been selected to guide eligible homeowners in maximizing exclusive Solarize rebates, tax credits, and limited-time discounts.

Quality Installations

As a designated Solarize installer, we adhere to strict program standards regarding components and professional installations.

Local Impact

Joining your North Portland or Hillsboro neighbors in ditching fossil fuels supports wider community sustainability goals.

"Becoming a Solarize Contractor allows us to broaden our positive impact across Portland," commented Tyler Dotten, Sales Manager at Elemental Energy. "The program window closes at the end of February so we encourage homeowners to reach out to learn more about special Solarize pricing and incentives today."

Ready to Go Solar?

As a Solarize Approved Contractor, the team at Elemental Energy is excited to help more Portland-area households affordably transition to solar power.

Contact us to schedule your FREE Site Evaluation.

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