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Elemental Energy is a leader in residential, commercial, and mobile system PV design and installation.

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Delivering solar to the Pacific Northwest for 12+ years.

Founded by graduates of the first and only accredited Bachelor’s of Science degree program in Renewable Energy Engineering.

Our mission is to critically address the way that society uses and thinks about energy.

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Elemental Energy is a leader in residential, commercial, and mobile system installation in Oregon and Southern Washington.

Skilled in-house team

We employ our own team. From start to finish you are working directly with an Elemental Energy employee.

Installing since 2011

We've been installing in Oregon for 12+ years and have the experience to get your job done the right way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does solar work?

Your home uses the energy produced first, then additional power is sent to the utility company. At night and during winter, you use the kWh credits. This is known as net metering. Annually, unused credits are donated to help people pay their electric bill, so we size your system according to your annual consumption.

Why do you need a copy of my utility bill?

A clear copy of your recent electric bill shows the last 12 months of usage (determines system size), what type of service you have (residential, farm, etc.), and your rate plan (to compare with the cost of solar). It is important to accurately size the system from the beginning. If you decide to move forward, the account number and precise name on the account is used to complete a net metering application on your behalf.

How much does shade matter?

Analyzing shade helps us calculate how much energy the panels will produce, and verifies they will get enough sun to qualify for incentives. We complete this analysis either remotely with satellite images, or on-site with a device. There is also established technology to boost the performance of east- and west-facing panels, and those with partial shade. If you have room, you can also consider a ground mount system.

What else about my roof matters?

The type of roofing material (and how many layers), vent locations, the age of the roof, the pitch and a roof plane’s orientation to the south all factor into our calculations and proposals.

What warranties do you offer?

You can expect a useful life of 30+ years for your solar system, 10- to 25-year equipment warranties, and an ROI of 5 to 17 years, depending on financing and incentives. Our work on your roof carries a 10-year warranty.

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Award for Top Solar Contractors 2023Electrify CertifiedNABCEP Certified

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