Elemental Energy has been recognized as one of the nation’s top residential solar installers for five years in a row. We are experts in roof- and ground-mounted arrays, as well as creative solutions like patio coverings and carports. Whether you’re looking to simply reduce your energy bill or eliminate it completely, we’ll work with you to find a solution that fits your needs. Between increasing technological advancements and improved financial incentives, there has never been a better time to go solar. Contact us today for a free site assessment and see how solar can help you and your family save money while reducing your environmental impact.

18kW Residential Solar - Portland, Oregon

In 2014, Elemental Energy won a bid to install what is now one of Oregon's largest residential solar arrays, and the Street of Dreams' greenest home to date. The 18kW system will pay itself off in just over seven years, and allow the homeowner to never have to pay an electric bill again. The system is also charging the homeowners' Tesla – they can drive roughly 12,000 miles each year completely powered by the solar panels.

3.3 kW Residential Solar - Portland, Oregon

When Alex bought his first home, located in Southeast Portland, he knew right away that the large, south-facing roof would be perfect for solar. We helped him to design a system that would 100% offset his electricity use—including running central air conditioning in the heat of the summer. 

5.3kW Residential Solar - Portland, Oregon - Net Zero

This 5.3kW custom-mounted array was seamlessly integrated into this ultra-modern home's building process. Fun fact: it's the first residential project to use Advanced Racking Solutions Inc.'s metal-roof tilt-up ViceRack system. The home is also Energy Star rated, and a pilot home for Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance—NEEA's Next Step Home program and Energy Trust's Live Net-Zero with an EPS score of 4. 

Elemental Energy - Custom Solarized Barn - Washington County, Oregon

"Wow, what a perfect roof for solar!"

When Chris B. came to us about building a solarized barn on his Hillsboro property we jumped at the opportunity to design a perfectly situated solar roof. Given the location, the optimal tilt and orientation for maximum annual solar resource is a 35 degree tilt and 183 azimuth, making the Tilt and Orientation Factor (TOF) a perfect 100%! This standing seam metal roof—the optimal roofing material for solar—was sized to allow a 3' supported walkway around the entire perimeter of the building and enough space for 20.67kW worth of solar panels to make the property net-zero. It's literally perfect!

500 W Off-Grid Solar System - Lake Oswego, Oregon

This boathouse on Lake Oswego is a small (500 W) off-grid system. It was designed and installed as an alternative to paying to have the local utility come down to the dock to tie the house to the grid and provide lighting, outlets, and power for the boat lift. While it doesn’t have the same payoff metric as a grid-tied system, solar was the more affordable (and environmentally friendly!) option.

3.6kW bi-facial solar patio cover - Portland, Oregon

This 3.6kW solar patio was built out shortly after the homeowners closed on their Northeast Portland home. Using bifacial cells with an open backside, the panels are transparent and allow for some light to filter through, while still providing up to 25% additional power output versus standard roof-mounted arrays. If you have a roof that isn’t suitable for solar or if you’re looking for some additional shade, contact us today to see how you too can benefit from a solar patio!