In addition to being a leader in residential and commercial solar design and installation in the Pacific Northwest, Elemental Energy prides itself on having the knowledge and flexibility to work abroad. Our international portfolio includes helping businesses transition from unreliable and expensive generators to sustainable off-grid solar PV systems as well as partnering with charities to enable developing villages to power their dormitories, schools, and medical clinics with clean energy. If you know of a person, business, or non-profit who could benefit from a solar PV system, contact us today.

Located in Playa Agua Blanca, a small coastal community in Mexico's Oaxaca State, this off-grid bed and breakfast was formerly powered by expensive generators. We installed a 6kW system that is future-proof for eventual grid connection, and includes satellite internet and battery back-up, providing a lifetime of savings for the Martinez family. Enjoy this short video of our experience, and please share with your family, friends, and colleagues!